Press release: 12.739-037/22

Population reaches 8.98 million at the beginning of 2022

Vienna, 2022-02-15 – According to preliminary results released by Statistics Austria, 8 979 894 people were living in Austria on 1 January 2022. In 2021, the resident population grew by 47 230 (+0.53%). Austria thus recorded a stronger population increase in 2021 than in the previous year (2020: +31 600 persons or +0.36%). The last time there was a slightly larger increase in the number of inhabitants was in 2018 (+49 402 persons or +0.56%).

"Austria continues to grow. After the population increased by 0.53% to 8.98 million in 2021, it is expected to reach the nine million mark in the course of 2022. The population growth is exclusively due to people with non-Austrian citizenship. Without them, Austria would not have grown in 2021, but shrunk," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

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