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Summer holiday trips 2021: significantly more holiday trips abroad than in summer 2020; more trips than in pre-pandemic summer 2019

Vienna, 2021-12-09 – In the third quarter of 2021, the Austrian resident population took 8.3 million holiday trips (including visits to relatives and acquaintances), according to Statistics Austria. Compared to the same period last year, July to September 2020, this is an increase of 47.8% (2020: 5.6 million holiday trips), and compared to the pre-crisis summer of 2019 (7.0 million), an increase of 17.7%. The travel intensity (=share of persons with at least one holiday trip) reached 57.3%.

"There was a lot of pent-up demand for summer holidays this year. In the months of July to September, the number of holiday trips rose by 17.7% compared to the pre-Corona summer of 2019 to a new record value. Border openings and the progress in vaccinations more than doubled the number of trips abroad compared to the summer of 2020 and also caused the number of domestic trips to rise further," says Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

In total 4.8 million main holiday trips (with four or more overnight stays) and 3.5 million short-term trips (from one to three overnights) were undertaken. Compared to the preceding year, the number of main holiday trips (+79.9%) increased considerably more than the number of short-term trips (+19.2%). Half of the trips were domestic (50.0%), 50.0% of the trips were spent abroad.

Holiday trips abroad more than doubled, domestic holiday trips remain popular

Half of all holiday trips were to countries abroad (4.1 million holiday trips), which marks an increase of 147.5% compared to summer 2020 (1.7 million foreign vacation trips). Italy (27.3%), Germany (15.8%), Croatia (14.2%), Greece (13.1%) and France (4.7%) were the most popular foreign destinations, with three out of four holiday trips abroad (75.1%) going to one of these destinations (2019: 61.3%; 2020: 72.3%).

Destinations outside of Europe and Turkey were hardly visited in summer 2021, similar to summer 2020; the share of long-distance trips of all holiday trips abroad was around 0.7% in 2021, compared to 6.4% in the summer of 2019 before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Air travel could increase, "Visiting friends and family" in summer 2021 most important travel motive

Air travel increased again compared to the previous year's period, with a share of 15.1% in summer 2021 (2020: 4.8%; 2019: 19,7%). On the other hand, holiday travel by car (-8.4 percentage points; 2020: 78.8%, 2021: 70.4%) and by rail (-2 percentage points, 2020: 10.8%; 2021: 8.9%) lost ground.

For the first time, the most important travel motive of the Austrian resident population in summer 2021 was visiting friends and family (22.2%), closely followed by active holidays (21.5%) and in third place by beach and bathing holiday (19.8%).

On every second holiday trip, people stayed in hotels and similar accommodations (52.7%) and on every fourth holiday trip was spent free of charge in private accommodation with friends or relatives or in one's own second home (24.9%).

The organization of holiday trips in summer 2021 was predominantly done privately and thus without the support of a travel agency or tour operator (79.3% of total holiday trips).

Further information on the travel habits of people living in Austria can be found on our website.

Information on methods, definitions: Statistics Austria conducts quarterly surveys regarding the travel behaviour of individuals living in Austria aged 15 and older. Every quarter, 3 500 representatively chosen respondents are interviewed by telephone (CATI) and online (CAWI). The participation in the survey is voluntary. The selection framework for the proportionally stratified sample is the Central Register of Residence. The collected information concerns data on holiday and business trips with at least one night spent and same-day trips. Data regarding the travel habits of the Austrian resident population is available since 1969. The data concerning summer refers to the months July, August and September.


Summer holiday trips 1) (July, August and September) 2019 till 2021

Share of persons aged 15 and older with at least one holiday trip (in %)
Domestic trips30.833.836.1
Trips abroad39.116.536.1
Holiday trips by duration (number of trips in 1 000)
Short-term trips (1-3 nights)2 914.42 965.93 536.0
Main trips (4 and more nights)4 129.42 643.94 755.2
Total7 043.85 609.88 291.2
Holiday trips by duration (share in %)
Short-term trips (1-3 nights)41.452.9
Main trips (4 and more nights)58.6 47.1
By month of departure (share in %)
Organisation of the trips (share in %)
Travel agency or tour operator27.217.720.7
Domestic trips and trips abroad (in 1 000)
Domestic trips3 204.03 933.94 143.9
Trips abroad3 839.81 675.94 147.3
Total7 043.85 609.88 291.2
Domestic trips and trips abroad (share in %)
Domestic trips45.570.150.0
Trips abroad54.529.950.0
Top destinations abroad (share in %)
Long-distance trips 2)
Other destinations25.122.918.2

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