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Game shot decreased remarkable

Vienna, 2021-10-12 – In the hunting year 2020/2021, the total number of game shot amounted to 732 000, as Statistics Austria reports. Compared to the previous season, this represents a decrease of 12.7%. Thereof, the number of furred game shot declined by 9.1% to 628 000 and the number of game birds shot by 29.7% to 103 000.

Among furred game, 399 000 head hoofed game (-1.9%) and 229 000 head other haired game (-19.4%) were shot. Within hoofed game, 286 000 roe deer (+2.6%), 54 200 red deer (-5.7%), 34 500 wild boars (-26.9%) and 20 400 chamois (+7.1%) were hunted down, while mostly hares (94 000; -33.8%) and foxes (68 400; -1.1%) were shot among other haired game.

Within game birds, mostly pheasants were shot (51 600 head; -31.1%) in comparison to the previous season. Beyond that, the shooting of wild ducks (30 400 head; -37.1%), wild pigeons (14 900 head; -0.5%), partridges (2 200 head; -23.7%) and snipes (1 600 head; -29.7%) declined too. On the other hand, an increase was reported for wild geese (1 600; +8.3%).

Significantly less game casualties

Game may suffer losses due to road traffic, unfavourable weather conditions or diseases. For the hunting year 2020/2021, 122 000 losses of all kinds were reported (-11.6% compared to 2019/2020), including among others 68 100 head roe deer (-8.0%), 28 300 hares (-14.6%) and 9 000 pheasants (-15.8%).

Less hunting permits of any kind

With a total of 130 000, the number of valid annual hunting permits slightly decreased (-1.2%). Furthermore, 8 500 guest hunting permits (-29.2%) were released.

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Information on methods, definitions: Hunting in Austria is regulated by legislation at federal province level, defining the "hunting year", which varies from region to region. In Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg and Vienna it corresponds to the calendar year, while the hunting year in Burgenland lasts from 1 February to 31 January and in the remaining four federal provinces from 1 April to 31 March. 
Hoofed game shot (except wild boars) is negotiated and defined territory-related between the district authorities concerned, hunting provision or hunting holder as well as a body representing the interests of the hunters. This is issued by the ordinance of the federal provinces. For all other game species, a hunting plan is generated; however, it is not under any legal regulation. Furthermore, hunting seasons and closed seasons are prescribed. 
Tasks and goals of the game law focus in particular on game keeping, the hunting and biotope protection as well as sustainable utilisation of wildlife, all in all on an improvement of the quality of life respectively the living conditions of diverse wildlife species. Additionally, stocks regarded as excessive – in view of agricultural and forestry interests – are reduced by hunting.


Number of shots and game casualties in Austria, hunting year 2020/2021
Hunting yearShotsGame casualties
in totalthereofin totalthereof
furred gamegame birdsfurred gamegame birds
2020/2021731 633628 165103 468121 999111 19110 808
2019/2020838 173690 979147 194138 018125 24412 774

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