Press release: 12.611-202/21

Minimum income scheme 2020: number of supported persons decreased by 2.8% to 260 114

Vienna, 2021-09-14 – In 2020, a total of 260 114 persons were supported by the minimum income scheme ("Mindestsicherung"), as Statistics Austria reports. After the strong annual growth until 2016 and a stagnation in 2017, the number of supported persons decreased by 7 569 (-2.8%) compared to the previous year. The minimum income scheme comprises benefits to ensure people's means of subsistence and housing needs, and to afford protection in case of sickness, pregnancy and childbirth.

The total expenditure (subsistence, housing needs, protection in case of sickness) in 2020 amounted to €959 million (+46 million or +5.0% compared to 2019). Corresponding to the number of recipients (66%, annual average), the major part thereof was spent in Vienna (€662 million).

Data on the minimum income are based on information submitted by the Laender according to an informal agreement.

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