Press release: 12.594-185/21

Tourism summer season 2021: total nights spent below pre-crisis level, more nights spent by domestic guests in July

Vienna, 2021-08-27 – According to preliminary results from Statistics Austria, 15.44 million nights spent in Austrian accommodation establishments were reported for July 2021. This represents a slight decrease of 0.8% compared to July 2020 and is still 17.7% below the pre-crisis level of July 2019. Nights spent by foreign guest are 28.6% below the July 2019 result, while those spent by domestic guest are 13.7% above.

"The second Corona summer is significantly marked by the effects of the pandemic again: Between May and July 2021, overnight stays in Austrian accommodation establishments were 19.5% higher than in the same period last year, but still 33.6% below the corresponding pre-crisis period May to July 2019," said Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

Compared to July 2020, there was a 1.9% drop in nights spent by domestic guests to 5.5 million, while the number of nights spent by foreign guests stagnated at 9.94 million (-0.2%). Nights spent from Germany declined by 6.4% to 6.32 million compared to July 2020. Nevertheless, Germany remained the strongest foreign source market by far in July 2021, followed by the Netherlands (1.03 million; -1.4%) and Czech Republic (0.44 million; +27.1%). Total arrivals rose 5.8% to 4.21 million, with 10.9% more foreign visitors and 1.0% fewer domestic visitors reported than in July 2020.

Nights spent show strong regional differences compared to pre-crisis levels in July, more nights spent by domestic guests

Comparing current July results with those of July 2019, the development of overnight stays shows different patterns at regional level. Lower Austria (-17.3%), Salzburg (-22.6%), Tyrol (-16.7%), Vorarlberg (-16.4%) and Upper Austria (-11.6%) show double-digit declines; Vienna in particular, with -65.3%, is clearly below the pre-crisis level. In Carinthia, the number of July nights spent was 4.0% below that of July 2019, while in Burgenland (+9.9%) and Styria (+4.3%) they were above the July 2019 result. The overall decline in nights spent of -17.7% is due to the absence of foreign guests (-28.6%), as nights spent by domestic guests increased in all provinces - apart from Lower Austria (-3.3%) and Vienna (-31.5%) - compared to July 2019, in some cases significantly. 

Current summer season stronger than previous year

The first half of the tourism summer season 2021 (May, June and July) totaled 25.8 million nights spent, which is 19.5% more than the same period of the previous year. This increase was due to a rise in the number of overnight visitors from abroad (+21.3% or +2.65 million) as well as from within the country (+17.0% or +1.55 million). However, due to the different periods of pandemic-related business and border closures in both summer seasons, the developments are only comparable to a limited extent.

Nights spent in the calendar year to date down compared to 2020

Despite an increase in nights spent in the summer season to date, 29.54 million nights spent were recorded in calendar year 2021 to date (January to July), 53.7% fewer than in the same period last year. This is due to the Europe-wide travel restrictions in the first third of the year. The decline in the number of nights spent by domestic guests was significantly lower (-22.4% to 13.38 million) than that of foreign guests (-65.3% to 16.16 million). The number of arrivals in the calendar year to date is also significantly lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year (8.14 million; 48.8%).

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