Press release: 12.536-127/21

Household Budget Survey 2019/20: monthly household expenditure averages €3 250

Vienna, 2021-06-01 – According to the Household Budget Survey 2019/20 by Statistics Austria, the average monthly expenditures of private households in Austria amounts to about €3 250. The largest share of household expenditures is spent on Housing, Electricity with 24.4%, followed by Transport with 13.9%, Recreation and Culture with 13.4% and Food and non-alcoholic beverages with 12.1%.

The expenditures per household equivalent – household expenditures standardised according to size and type of household – amount to €2 160. The weighting of equivalence expenditure is based on the EU scale ("modified OECD scale"): First adult person in the household equals 1.0; every other person aged 14 or above equals 0.5; each child under 14 years equals 0.3.

During the first lockdown in spring 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria the survey continued without interruptions. About one quarter of households took part in the survey from March to June 2020. Household expenditures that can be observed over time are 13.5% lower in the here defined COVID-period (March to June 2020) than the annual average. The largest differences to the annual average were in the expenditure groups Café, Restaurants (-55.9%), Clothing (-30.3%) and Food and non-alcoholic beverages (+10.7%).

Compared with the results of the Household Budget Survey 2014/15, the average monthly household expenditures increased from €2 990 to €3 250, which is a nominal increase of +8.4%. The expenditures per adult equivalent show a nominal increase of +9.7%. Inflation-adjusted household expenditures increased by 1.1% from 2014/15 to 2019/20, expenditures per adult equivalent by 2.3%.

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