Press release: 12.400-240/20

153 200 persons cared for at home, 96 500 in nursing homes in 2019

Vienna, 2020-12-17 – In 2019, a total of 153 152 clients were cared for by outpatient services and 96 458 people in care lived in inpatient facilities that were financially supported by social assistance or the means-tested income scheme. 9 040 people claimed benefits of short-term care in inpatient facilities and semi-inpatient services were provided to 8 883 people. 3 465 people lived in alternative living facilities without permanent care (assisted living).

The gross expenditure for all care services amounted to €4.2 billion, the net expenditure to €2.5 billion. More than half (59%) of gross expenditure was paid by the Länder and the municipalities, 36% were covered by payments of the beneficiaries.

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