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Raw milk production 2019: less cow and sheep milk, increasing goat milk production

Vienna, 2020-06-25 – In 2019, the production of cow's milk (-1.0% to 3 781 000 tonnes) and sheep's milk (-4.0% to 12 200 tonnes) decreased compared to 2018, only goat milk production (+1.6% to 26 500 tonnes) showed a slight increase, as Statistics Austria reports.

Cow's milk production declined by 1.0%

With an average annual milk yield of 7 200 kg per animal (+1.1%), the 527 000 dairy cows (-2.1%) kept in Austria produced a total of 3 781 000 tonnes of raw milk (-1.0%). At 3 378 000 tonnes (-0.4%), the largest share thereof (89.3%) was provided to manufacturing enterprises. Apart from a minor waste, the remaining raw milk was used on farms: 244 000 tonnes (6.5% of the production) were fed to calves or other domestic animals and 122 000 tonnes (3.2% of the production) were used for human consumption.

Sheep's milk production decreased by 4.0%

Around 28 200 dairy sheep (-0.6%) held in Austria produced a total of 12 200 tonnes of raw milk (-4.0%). The average annual milk yield was 432 kg per sheep (-3.4%). 9 900 tonnes (80.9%) of the raw milk produced were used for human consumption directly or in processed form and 2 200 tonnes (18.1% of the production) for other purposes like feeding. The rest of the production was accounted as waste.

Production of goat milk increased by 1.6%

The goat raw milk production increased by 1.6% to 26 500 tonnes. The average annual milk yield of the 39 000 dairy goats (+1.0%) kept in Austria rose to 680 kg per goat (+0.6%). 23 700 tonnes (89.5%) of the raw milk produced were intended for human consumption. The remaining quantity was used for other purposes (2 500 tonnes; 9.5% of the production) or recorded as waste.

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Information on methods, definitions: The milk statistics determines the raw milk yield of the previous calendar year and provides results relating to the milk used for human consumption or as a feedstuff. The data also forms the basis for further calculations, for instance in conjunction with Supply Balance Sheets or the Economic Accounts for Agriculture. 
The survey of the overall raw milk yield and its use for human consumption is conducted in accordance with the criteria and definitions of the European commission decision of 18 December 1996 laying down provisions for the implementation of council directive 96/16/EC. The statistics for milk production and usage is provided annually by Statistics Austria in cooperation with the regional agricultural chambers, relevant professional associations and the "Agrarmarkt Austria" (AMA, the Austrian paying agency for agriculture and rural development).


Production and usage of raw milk 2019 and 2018 in Austria
YearRaw milk production in totalThereof: used for human consumption
cow milksheep milkgoat milkcow milksheep milkgoat milk
in tonnes
20193 781 33712 18626 5213 499 3759 85623 743
20183 821 19312 69026 1063 522 8659 77022 848

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