Material input statistics


Compared with the survey population of Short Term Statistics (STS) the included establishments of the material input survey covering 76.6 % of overall economic production. Hence the material input statistics provide a represantative picture of the value of economic production as well as the distribution on material-level. The results are fundamental for Input-Output as well as material flow calculations. Within material input statistics 2020 the raw and basic materials, semi-finished products and operating supplies (divided by categories of CPA) as swell as the energy (divided by energy-carriers) used in prdouction processes of about 2 500 establishments, were compiled. All establishments from the production sector (NACE B-F) with at least 20 employed persons and an overall economic production of at least 10 million EUR were included.

The relevant legal base is the national Material Input regulation - "Gütereinsatzstatistik-Verordnung".





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Material input 2020 by sections of ÖNACE 2008 (table)

Q: STATISTIK AUSTRIA, Material Input Statistics

Q: STATISTIK AUSTRIA, Material Input Statistics

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