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Material input statistics

Compared with the survey population of short-term statistics (STS), the establishments included in the Material Input Survey covered around 71.9 % of overall economic production. Material input statistics thus provide a representative picture of the value of economic production as well as the distribution of energy and goods input at the material level, with the individual materials being assigned to corresponding ÖCPA items. Material input statistics are particularly important for input-output and material flow calculations. Within material input statistics for industry and construction (ÖNACE B-F), around 2 700 large establishments with 20 or more employees and an overall economic production of at least 10 million EUR reported the material input used in the production process and the energy input by energy source in the reference year 2021.

The relevant legal basis is the national Material Input Statistics Regulation (Gütereinsatzstatistik-Verordnung).





Q: STATISTIK AUSTRIA, Material Input Statistics

Q: STATISTIK AUSTRIA, Material Input Statistics

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