Rail freight transport

Rail freight transport on Austrian territory
102.2 million tonnes
Gone up +4.8 % compared to 2020

The survey of rail freight transport covers domestic and foreign railway undertakings and integrated railway undertakings which transport goods on Austrian territory. Railway undertakings which operate entirely or mainly within industrial or similar installations, including harbours, are excluded. The most important key figures – transport volume and transport performance – are published quarterly. 

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, rail transport statistics.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, rail transport statistics. Compiled on 21 April 2022.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, rail transport statistics. Compiled on 30 December 2022. - All data for periods of less than a year are provisional until a complete reference year is released. After having finished and released a complete reference year all provisional data will be replaced with definitive data.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, rail transport statistics; SCHIENEN CONTROL GMBH. Compiled on 15 July 2022.

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