R&D in the higher education sector

Expenditures on R&D 2019

Higher education sector
2.71 bn. EUR
Gone up compared to 2017

R&D Personnel 2019

Higher education sector
18 970.9 FTE
Gone up compared to 2017


The survey on research and experimental development (R&D survey) is a biennial census survey performed on odd calendar years in all economic sectors and is based on the R&D statistics regulation.

The objective of the survey is to measure R&D expenditures and personnel, the financing as well as the nature and orientation of R&D activities. Breakdowns of the results are available by major fields of science, type of expenditure, source of funds, function and type of R&D and are provided within 18 months of the end of the calendar year of the reference period. Methodological background is the Frascati Manual.

The Higher education sector (HES) is unique as it has no counterpart in the System of National Accounts (SNA) and comprises all institutions that provide tertiary education. Its institutions can be classified to any SNA sector depending on their characteristics. However, due to their policy relevance these institutions are reclassified and summarised in the HES.

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Higher education sector: Research and experimental development (R&D) personnel 2019 - in full-time equivalents (FTE; table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey on Research and experimental Development (R&D) 2019. Compiled on 10 August 2021. - Universities including clinics, universities of the arts, universities of applied sciences, private universities, Danube University Krems, university colleges of teacher education and other institutions of the higher education sector. - Rounding differences occur.

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