R&D in the government sector and in the private non-profit sector

Expenditures on R&D 2019

Government sector and private non-profit sector
0.98 bn. EUR
Gone up compared to 2017

R&D Personnel 2019

Government sector and private non-profit sector
6 097.5 FTE
Gone up compared to 2017


The survey on research and experimental development (R&D survey) is a biennial census survey performed on odd calendar years in all economic sectors and is based on the R&D statistics regulation.

The objective of the survey is to measure R&D expenditures and personnel, the financing as well as the nature and orientation of R&D activities. Breakdowns of the results are available by major fields of science, type of expenditure, source of funds, function and type of R&D. Methodological background is the Frascati Manual.

The government sector comprises federal, provincial and local government institutions, institutions of the chambers and the institutions of the social insurance system. Furthermore institutes of the Ludwig Boltzmann-Gesellschaft, the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as non-profit institutions (NPIs) controlled by the government. The private non-profit sector comprises all other NPIs.

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Government sector: Research and experimental Development (R&D) personnel 2019 - in full-time equivalents (FTE; table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey on Research and experimental Development (R&D) 2019. Compiled on 10 August 2021. - Central, regional and local institutions (except those of the higher education sector), chambers, R&D facilities of the units belonging to the social security system, private non-profit institutions controlled and/or mainly financed by government as well as R&D institutions of the Ludwig Boltzmann society; including Austrian academy of sciences and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH; without provincial hospitals. Provincial hospitals were not surveyed by questionnaire, but R&D expenditures were estimated by Statistics Austria based upon reports from the regional governments. Therefore no data on R&D personnel is available. - Rounding differences occur.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey on Research and experimental Development (R&D) 2019. Compiled on 10 August 2021. - Private non-profit institutions with a mainly private, religious or other non-public status or under private law. - Rounding differences occur.

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