Family benefits


The benefits paid out of the Family Burdens Equalisation Fund (Familienlastenausgleichsfonds - FLAF) are the most important instruments in support of families in Austria.

The data presented annually on the number of beneficiaries are mainly from compilations of the Ministry of Families; information about the expenditure of the FLAF are extracted from the closed accounts of Federal Government.

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Beneficiaries of selected family benefits 2020 (table)

S: Ministry of Families; Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice); Austrian Federal Computing Center (Bundesrechenzentrum). Compiled on 13. September 2021.

S: Ministry of Families. Compiled on 13. September 2021. - Children of foreigners: Children with foreign or Austrian nationality of persons with EU, EEA or third countriy nationals.

S: Ministry of Families. Compiled on 13. September 2021.

S: Closed accounts of Federal Government. Compiled on 13. September 2021. - Other: Covers amongst other benefits for families in distress, family counselling centre, advances on maintenance payments, transfers. - 2020: Preliminary closed accounts of Federal Government as at February 2021.

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