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Family benefits

The benefits paid out of the Family Burdens Equalisation Fund (Familienlastenausgleichsfonds – FLAF) are the most important instruments of family support in Austria, in particular family allowance and childcare benefit.

The data presented annually on the number of beneficiaries is mainly from tabulations of the Federal Chancellery; information about the expenditure of the FLAF is extracted from the closed accounts of the Federal Government.

S: Federal Chancellery; Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice); Austrian Federal Computing Center (Bundesrechenzentrum). Compiled on 21 August 2023. – Familiy allowance: Annual average of all reported claims in each month of the reporting year; as per: 24.07.2023; preliminary data.

S: Closed accounts of Federal Government. Compiled on 19 July 2023. – Other: Covers amongst others benefits for families in distress, family counselling centre, advances on maintenance payments, transfers. – 2021: Preliminary closed accounts of Federal Government as at March 2023.

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