Population for the fiscal equalisation

Total population on 31 October
8 926 290

Under Art. 10 (7) of the Fiscal Equalisation Law 2017 (FAG 2017), Statistics Austria is required to determine the total population on 31 October each year for the fiscal equalisation. The Central Population Register provides the basis for the population statistics. In census years, Statistics Austria performs a residence analysis to identify potential "dead entries" and exclude them from the census. Between census years, a mathematical model replaces the residence analysis. 

In addition to the statistics on the population under Art. 10 (7) FAG 2017, Statistics Austria compiles a quarterly population count, which ist also based on the Central Population Register.


S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Population on 31 October according to article 10 (7) FAG 2017. Compiled on 13 September 2021. - For data privacy protection reasons, the statistical disclosure control method of "Record Swapping" has been used on a part of the data. For analyses based on very small cell values, no reliable assertions can be made.

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This German-language publication presents an overview of key results on demography, labour force…


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