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Religious denomination

Share of population professing to a religious community
77.6 %
Sunk compared to 2001
Withdrawels among religious communities that are subject to church contributions
97 190
Gone up +24.8 % compared to 2021
Admissions and readmissions among religious communities that are subject to church contributions
5 450
Gone up +6.4 % compared to 2021

Information on religious affiliation for the total population is available from 1951 to 2001 in the form of self-declaration from the censuses. Since the censuses changed to a register-based survey, data on this characteristic is no longer collected within the framework of the census. In 2021, Statistics Austria conducted a voluntary survey on “Religious affiliation of the population in private households” on behalf of the Federal Chancellery, which, after estimating the religious affiliation of the institutional population, supplements the time series since 1951.

In addition, Statistics Austria records the number of withdrawals as well as admissions and readmissions among the religious communities in Austria that are subject to church contributions (Roman Catholic, Protestant – Augsburg Confession and Helvetian Confession, Old Catholic). These statistics on changes of religion are based on a survey of the religious communities and are available as a time series from 2001 and also for the federal provinces from 2011.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Population Censuses 1951 to 2001. 2021: Additional questions at the Microcensus Labour Force Survey on "Religious Affiliation", 1st to 4th quarter 2021. Compiled on 05 May 2022 – "Other religion, denomination or religious community": Up to 1971 including Islamic, up to 1991 including Orthodox. – The following applies to the 2021 sample survey: Values with less than extrapolated 6 000 persons are highly subject to random fluctuations. – In 2021, the question on "religion" was weighted to compensate for "don't know" and "no information", so there are no "unknown" cases.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA. Compiled on 05 October 2023. – Total value includes till 2009 other religious affiliation.

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