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Childbearing preferences

Average number of children (born plus additionally desired) of 20-44 year old women
3rd quarter 2021
Average number of children (born) of 20-44 year old women
3rd quarter 2021

As part of the Microcensus Labour Force Survey (LFS) (sample survey), voluntary questions on the number of children and the desire to have (additional) children are asked at irregular intervals.

The results refer to the population in private households. The last survey took place in the 3rd quarter of 2021.


S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, supplementary questions to the Labour Force Survey (micro census), 3rd quarter 2021; Labour Force Survey (micro census) (quarterly average), 3rd quarter 2021. Compiled on 9 December 2021. - Values based on less than an extrapolated 20 000 persons are very much subject to random fluctuations. - Values based on less than an extrapolated 8 000 persons cannot be interpreted statistically. - Intermediate technical and vocational school including "BHS-Abiturient:innenlehrgang" and "Kolleg". - Example: 10.7% of 25-29 year-old women do not yet have a child and would like to have at most one child, or they already have a child and do not wish to have any more children.

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