Private households

Private households
4 067 500
Gone up 1.2 % compared to 2021
Single-person households
1 546 400
Gone up 1.4 % compared to 2021
Average household size

The term private household is equated with a dwelling (household-dwelling concept). This means that all persons living in a housing unit (as their main residence) form a private household.

Private households can be shown by size, type and region as well as by demographic characteristics of the household reference person - e.g. age, gender, marital status and foreign background.

The results come from the Microcensus Labour Force Survey (sample survey) and the Register-based Census / Register-based Labour Market Statistics (administrative data) and are collected annually. The publication of the Microcensus Labour Force Survey refers to the previous year, that of the Register-based Census / Register-based Labour Market Statistics to the year before that.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, until 2003 Microcensus, average of the surveys conducted in March, June, September and December. Households according to the "house keeping-unit"-concept. From 2004 Microcensus Labour Force Survey, annual average across all weeks. Households according to the "household-dwelling"-concept. Compiled on 17.03.2023.

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