Institutional households

Number of institutional households
3 347
Number of persons living in institutional households
131 193

An institutional household is an establishment that is used for the accommodation and care of a group of persons – normally over the longer term. The term covers boarding schools, student residences, old people's and nursing homes, monasteries, military barracks, prisons, refugee centres, facilities for persons with disabilities, socially deprived or homeless persons, homes for young people or trainees and similar institutions, and shared accommodation (e.g. company accommodation, hotels, etc.). Only inhabitants whose main residence is in the relevant institutional household are shown. Because of residents with secondary residence registrations, the actual occupancy of individual facilities may be higher.

Data on persons living in institutional households is published annually as part of the Register-based Labour Market Statistics (reference date: 31 October).

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Register-based Labour Market Statistics 2020. Compiled on 27 June 2022. - For data privacy protection reasons, the statistical disclosure control method of "Record Swapping" has been used on a part of the data. For analyses based on very small cell values, no reliable assertions can be made.

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