Family types

2 494 600
Couples with children
1 122 900
Lone parent families
280 000

Families are couples with or without children and single parents with children. Children, regardless of their age, are all biological, step- and adopted children living in the same household with both their parents or a single parent and without their own partner or their own children. Thus, parents with adult children also count as a family. Children who have moved out of the parental home are not taken into account. Each family represents a separate unit of analysis, regardless of whether it inhabits a household with other persons or families.

The results refer to the population in private households and come from the Microcensus Labour Force Survey (sample survey) and the Register-based Census / Register-based Labour Market Statistics (administrative data). The publication of the Microcensus Labour Force Survey refers to the previous year, that of the Register-based Census / Register-based Labour Market Statistics to the year before that.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, until 2003 Microcensus, average of the surveys conducted in March, June, September and December. From 2004 Microcensus Labour Force Survey (average of all weeks of a year). Created on 17.03.2023. – The definition of family used here corresponds to the nuclear family concept (partner, child, mother or father in single-parent families). According to this concept, a 'family' only includes persons living in the same household.

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