Monthly income

Gross monthly income
3 050 Euro
Gone up +83 Euro compared to 2020
Net monthly income
2 224 Euro
Gone up +42 Euro compared to 2020

The monthly income includes the monthly pay from the main job of employees, pro rata holiday and Christmas remuneration are included. Also included: regular overtime, extra compensation for shift work, seniority bonuses, regular travel allowances and per diem allowances, tips and commission, compensation for meals. The income is presented net and gross.


The monthly pay is based on administrative data from the tax register and the central social insurance register linked to the Labour Force Survey data. Key figures are the deciles, especially the median. Income distributions according to various socio-demographic as well as labour market characteristics can be analysed.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Labour Force Survey (Microcensus), Tax Register and Social Security Register Data. Compiled on 19 Dec. 2022. – Income incl. pro rata holiday and Christmas remuneration. – Population in private households, excluding conscripts and people on community service, persons on parental leave and holder of a non-standard contract ("Freie Dienstnehmer"). – Part-time/full-time is based on self-assignment.

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