Stock of buildings


2 191 280
Gone up 7,1 % compared to 2001

Residential Buildings

1 973 979
Gone up 12,1 % compared to 2001


Buildings are independent structures containing one or more dwellings or other spaces, covered by a roof and enclosed within external walls or dividing walls which extend from the foundations to the roof, and are designed for residential or other purposes. The building stock is based on the Housing census. Every 10 years, the Housing census takes place at the same time as the Population census and the Census of enterprises and their local units of employment in Austria. Since 2011, the census has been carried out as a Register-based census. The information is taken directly from already existing administrative registers. The building and dwelling register is the basic register for the Housing census.

The main focus is the building situation with characteristics such as the type of the building, the ownership of buildings, net floor area and the type of heating.

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Buildings by federal province and type of building 2011 (table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Register-based census 2011. Compiled on 04 December 2013.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Register-based census 2011. Compiled on 04 December 2013. – Other public bodies: e.g. national insurance institutions, chambers, recognised churches. – Other types of ownership: e.g. associations.

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The 2011 census marks a turning point in the long history of population censuses
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