Health status of conscripts

Fit for military service of Austrian conscripts
Birth cohort 2003
81.0 %
Gone up 2.5 percent points compared to birth cohort 2002
Obesity in Austrian conscripts
Birth cohort 2003
12.5 %
Gone up 1.3 percent points compared to birth cohort 2002

Every male Austrian citizen becomes liable for military conscription on his 17th birthday. The enlistment takes place in the calendar year in which his 18th birthday is reached (main enlistment year). However, it is also possible to undergo a military examination in the year before or after. Since the main aim of the military examinations is to determine suitability for military service, they enable a comprehensive picture to be obtained of the health condition of 18-year-old male Austrian citizens. The examination procedure ends with a decision on fitness or unfitness for compulsory military service.

The data source for these statistics is the results of the medical examinations conducted by the Federal Ministry of Defence.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Ministry of Defence. Compiled on 25 November 2022. – Examination period since birth cohort 1999: main examination year, one year before and one year after (until October/November) the main examination year.

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