Daily consumption of fruits

49.9 %
Sunk compared to 2014

Daily consumption of vegetables

47.3 %
Sunk compared to 2014

Daily 5 portions of fruits and/or vegetables

5.5 %
Sunk compared to 2014


Dietary behaviour influences health as well as the development and course of certain diseases. The consumption of sufficient fruit and vegetables is a decisive element of a balanced and healthy diet and usually leads to other, physiologically less favourable foods being consumed less frequently.

The frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption in a week is shown, as well as the number of portions (one portion corresponds to a handful of fruit or vegetables) in the case of daily consumption, the frequency of meat, sausage and fish consumption and, with regard to drinking behaviour, the consumption of fruit and vegetable juices and sugary soft drinks.

The results come from the Austrian Health Interview Survey (ATHIS), which is carried out every six years starting in 2019 (previously 2006/07 and 2014).

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Dietary habits 2019 by sex – in percent (table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Health Interview Survey 2019. Compiled on 14 July 2020. – Population in private households aged 15 years and more.

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