Education and training in health care

Graduates in human medicine
1 702
Gone up +15 % compared to 2019/20
Graduates on non-medical health professions at universities of applied sciences
2 337
Gone up +25 % compared to 2019/20
Graduates on medical assistant professions
4 057
Gone up +21 % compared to 2019/20

Human medicine can be studied in Austria at eight universities, dentistry at five.

Courses on non-medical health professions are offered at universities of applied sciences. These include training in the following professions: physiotherapist, laboratory technician, radiology technician, dietician/nutritionist, occupational therapist, speech therapist/phoniatrist/audiologist, orthoptist, midwife, and health and nursing care.

Furthermore, there are schools for medical assistant professions as well as schools offering training in other professions in the health sector, e.g. paramedic, masseur.

The results are taken from the school and university statistics compiled by Statistics Austria.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, University Statistics. Compiled on 25 October 2022. – From 2006/07 onwards, decline in the number of students due to the introduction of admission restrictions and admission procedures at medical universities in Austria.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, School and University Statistics. Compiled on 25 October 2022.

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