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COVID-19 “vaccination/recovery” status

Share of population with valid vaccination certificate
30 June 2022
63.4 %
Share of population with valid recovery certificate only
30 June 2022
16.3 %
Share of population without valid vaccination or recovery certificate
30 June 2022
20.3 %

COVID-19 vaccination/recovery status

In accordance with the Epidemics Act and on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Statistics Austria continuously analyses the COVID-19 vaccination/recovery status of the Austrian population and of certain sections of the population and occupational groups (pupils, students, teachers). These analyses take into account the current criteria of the “Grüner Pass” COVID-19 passport. The data source for information on COVID-19 vaccinations is Austria’s national vaccination register, while information on COVID-19 infections is taken from the Austrian epidemiological reporting system.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA. National vaccination register 30 June 2022, Austrian epidemiological reporting system 30 June 2022, register based labour market statistics (preliminary) 1 January 2022, population statistics (preliminary) 1 January 2022. Compiled on 15 July 2022. – Without people who migrated to Austria after 2020 or those for whom no information on employment status, pensions, school/university attendance are available. Vaccinated persons hold a valid vaccination certificate, recovered persons hold a valid recovery certificate. On 30 June 2022 active cases of COVID-19 are counted as recovered.

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Last updated on 2023-09-11.
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