At-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion

Risk-of-poverty - single women (without pensioners)
24 %
Men: 22 %
Risk-of-poverty - women with pension
26 %
Men: 15 %

On the topic of Gender statistics, the section on persons at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion provides information on the dimensions income poverty (risk of poverty, low household income relative to the median of the population), severe material and social deprivation (absolute poverty according to a European minimum standard of living) and no or very low work intensity in the household. Gender-specific differences cannot be shown on the household level, or can only be shown to a certain extent, since a pooling of resources and an equal distribution among household members is assumed. Differences in the risk of poverty for women and men can therefore only be interpreted for households with one adult (single-person households, single-parent households).

Further information can be found on our website under Poverty.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, EU-SILC 2021. Compiled on 28th April 2022 - 1) Only persons aged 0 to 64 years (excluding pension recipients, people who are retired or students). Living in a household with low work intensity: work intensity of persons between 18 and 64 years in the household (without pension recipients, people who are retired or students) is up to 20%. - Severely materially and socially deprived: Describes falling below a minimum standard of living defined as part of the Europe 2030 strategy. This standard of living, which covers certain basic needs, is defined with the help of 13 deprivation characteristics at household and individual level. If at least 7 out of 13 criteria are not affordable, then people are considered to be severely materially and socially deprived. - At-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion: at risk of poverty, or living in a household with low work intensity, or severely materially or socially deprived.

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