School-leaving examinations qualifying for university attendance

Standardised skills-oriented diploma examination and Reifeprüfung (SDRP) successfully passed
summer 2021
37 648
Gone up +2 312 compared to summer 2020
Successfully passed matriculation and diploma examinations
43 753
Sunk -6.4 % compared to 2020

The statistics contain annual data on school-leaving examinations and/or diploma examinations taken at general and vocational secondary schools in Austria. Regional data is presented according to the location of the school or, in the case of the school-leaving examination rate, according to the home town of the students. The standardised skills-oriented diploma examination and Reifeprüfung (SRDP) is the most popular route to the Matura throughout Austria. Those with initial vocational training can take the Berufsreifeprüfung (BRP) instead. The Externistenreifeprüfung allows external candidates to take the final exam without initial vocational training or an academic secondary school (AHS)/college for higher vocational education (BHS) leaving certificate.

The legal basis is the Federal Act on Documentation in Education (Bildungsdokumentationsgesetz 2020) and the ordinances of the ministries responsible for the particular types of schools.


Source: Statistik Austria, standardized final exam (sRDP), created: 25.04.2022.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, School Statistics. Compiled on 14th December 2022. 1) Passed matriculation and diploma examinations taken during the period October 1, 2020, through September 30, 2021; includes special types such as colleges, extension courses and schools for working professionals.

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2022-05-12 file Education in Figures 2020/21: more pupils eligible for promotion, higher pass rates at the main date of the "Matura" examinations and more students at public universities
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2022-03-15 file Graduates of the Austrian "Matura" during corona pandemic very successful
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