School classes
56 926
Gone up +0.8 % compared to 2020

The statistics contain annual data on the number of school classes in Austria. The allocation of a class to a school type or to a school level is based on the predominant number of pupils. Class sections, such as integration pupils with a special school curriculum in a primary school class, are not shown as a separate class. The regional presentation of the results is generally carried out at the federal province level; data can be presented down to the municipal level.

The legal basis is the Federal Act on Documentation in Education (Bildungsdokumentationsgesetz 2020) and the ordinances of the ministries responsible for the particular types of schools.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, School Statistics. Compiled on 16th December 2021. 1) Excluding federal sports academies and schools for the medical services. – 2) In the case of agricultural and forestry technical and vocational schools, data from the 2020/21 school year, as the necessary decree for the collection and publication of data for the 2021/22 school year was not available from the responsible Ministry of Agriculture at the time of publication.

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