Day-care centres, child care

Percentage of children between three and five years in day care
93.8 %
Gone up +1.6 percentage points compared to 2020/21
Percentage of children between zero and two years in day care
29.1 %
Gone up +9.4 percentage points compared to 2011/12

Child care issues are also becoming increasingly important in the context of balancing work and family life. Every year, comparable statistics on day care from all nine federal provinces are published and summarised in the German-language document ‘Kindertagesheimstatistik’.

Based on a contract for work and services with the competent ministry, every federal state collects data about its institutional day care in accordance with a uniform set of questions and a standardised list of characteristics. The reference data for the data collection is generally 15 October of the reporting year in question. Statistics Austria analyses, evaluates and publishes this data in a standardised way. In addition, there are tables on our website that provide an overview of day-care centres in Austria as a whole and at federal province level.

S: STATISTIK AUSTRIA, Statictics on Day Care 2021/22.

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