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Continuing vocational training activities in enterprises

Share of companies with continuing vocational training courses
69.5 %
Sunk -12.1 percentage points compared to 2015
Percentage of employees participating in vocational training courses based on the employees of all companies
34.9 %
Sunk -10.5 percentage points compared to 2015

Regulation (EC) No 1552/2005 has created a legal act for the European Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS), which is compulsory for all EU Member States. The CVTS is a sample survey among enterprises that is designed in five-year cycles. 

The survey focuses on recording in-house and external continuing vocational training courses, whereby the focus of interest is on the number of participants, the number of course hours and the costs incurred by the companies.

The CVTS covers enterprises with at least ten employees in the manufacturing and service sector (NACE sectors B to N as well as R and S). The target population in Austria consists of around 40 000 enterprises.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS6), Compiled on 12.12.2022.

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