Radio and television

Daily reach of radio in Austria
75.7 %
Sunk -1.6 % compared to 2019
Daily reach of television in Austria
70.3 %
Gone up +3.9 % compared to 2019

In radio and television statistics, data is published on registered radio and television subscribers, radio and television programmes, daily reach and market share. Some data on ORF (the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) is also presented.

The data sources include GIS Gebühren Info Service GmbH (the company responsible for collecting licence fees) and ORF with administrative data and the annual report, as well as commercially oriented media research. The data on the daily reach of radio is taken from the radio test conducted by GfK Austria, while the daily reach and market shares of television are taken from the teletest also conducted by GfK Austria.

S: RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH Austria, GfK Austria.Compiled on 9th May 2022.

S: ORF, Workingroup Teletest (AGTT), GfK Austria. Compiled on 9th May 2022.

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