Academic libraries and special libraries: Library visits (cases of use, in thousand)
2 452.8
Sunk -22.3% compared to 2020
Academic libraries and special libraries: Additions of books, newspapers, magazines and collectibles (physical units, in thousand)
Gone up +3.7% compared to 2020
Public libraries: Library visits (in thousand)
7 160.8
Gone up +0.05% compared to 2020

According to UNESCO's definition, a library is any organised collection of printed books and periodicals or other graphic or audiovisual materials. The staff enables and facilitates the use of the required materials for information, research, teaching or recreation.

The statistics on scientific and special libraries are compiled annually by Statistics Austria as a voluntary survey. Since the reporting year 2010, it has been supplemented by data from Austrian Library Statistics (ÖBS), which are compiled by the Higher Education Centre of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia on behalf of the Austrian Library Network and Service. The data includes media inventory, new media acquisitions, library usage, and library staff and expenditures. The statistics for public libraries come from the Austrian Library Association (BVÖ).

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Academic and special libraries survey 2021, Austrian Library Statistics. Compiled on 3 July 2023.

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