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Folk culture, preservation of local history and customs

Members of the Austrian Blasmusikverband
142 163
Gone up +2.6% compared to 2020
Members of the Austrian Choral Association
80 415
Sunk -5.4% compared to 2020
Number of songs and instrumentals in the central archive of the Austrian folk song society
85 110
Sunk -30.7% compared to 2020

The term folk culture describes a regionally anchored, traditional form of culture. In view of rapidly advancing globalisation, the cultural policy tasks of folk culture are to ensure the preservation of cultures and ways of life in the fields of folk music, folk songs, customs, traditional costumes, folk dance, amateur theatre, etc., as well as a creative and future-oriented approach to cultural heritage.

Several federal associations in the field of folk culture provide data on an annually basis: the Austrian Brass Band Association, Austrian Choral Association, Austrian Workers Choral Association, Austrian Federal Association for Amateur Theatre and the Austrian Folk Song Society. Various figures on their members, activities and performances are shown, broken down by provincial organisations. The central archive of the Austrian Folk Song Society is represented with information on its stock, use, employees and expenditures.

S: Österreichischer Blasmusikverband. Compiled on 10 May 2023.

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