Festivals: Number of performances

Sunk -62.9 % compared to 2019

Festivals: Number of visits

302 666
Sunk -77.9 % compared to 2019


The subject matter covers series of events and performances with a limited period (a few days to several weeks), which have organizational autonomy and are usually held at a certain periodicity (often annually or biennially).

In the field of theater and music, the statistics are based on an annual voluntary survey of event organizers conducted by Statistics Austria. In addition to traditional large-scale events, smaller, specialized series of events as well as summer theater-type performances are also covered. The statistics on film festivals have been published since reporting year 2012; they are compiled by the Forum of Austrian Film Festivals, which was founded in 2012, and are published annually.

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Festivals by federal provinces, season 2020 (table)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey at festivals 2020. Compiled on 25th July 2022.

S: Forum of Austrian Film Festivals. Compiled on 27th July 2022.

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