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Education in the field of arts

Ordinary studies taken at universities of the arts and private universities with an artistic focus
Winter semester 2021/22
13 143
Gone up +2.7% compared to Winter semester 2020/21
Music students
Winter semester 2021/22
201 850
Sunk -1.7% compared to Winter semester 2020/21

Data is presented on education in arts-related subjects of the state-regulated education and music school system. The data is defined with reference to the “arts” field of education according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED-F).

The data sources are a data set that is prepared annually by Statistics Austria for the compilation of International education statistics (UOE data collection), as well as the Higher education statistics of Statistics Austria for data on universities of the arts and private universities with an artistic focus, and statistics compiled by the Conference of Austrian Music School Associations (KOMU) through surveys within the sphere of influence of the federal provinces.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, UOE data collection. Compiled on 12 March 2024.

Date Title result SDDS+ Special Data Dissemination Standards PR PR press release
2024-08-30 calendar-alt Culture Statistics 2022
Population and society / Culture

Population and society / Culture / Museums and exhibitions /

Population and society / Culture / Architectural heritage / Museums and exhibitions / Culture / Population and society /

Population and society / Culture / Folk culture, preservation of local history and customs / Population and society / Culture / Museums and exhibitions / Architectural heritage / Culture / Population and society /

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