Cultural economy

Share of the cultural sector in gross value added
Sunk -0.24% compared to 2019
Share of the employees in the cultural sector or in a cultural occupation
Gone up +0,2% compared to 2020

A variety of data is presented on the economic importance of the cultural sector. The definition of the "cultural sector" and "cultural occupations" is based on the "Guide to Eurostat culture statistics, 2018 edition. The breakdown by cultural domains is based on the "2009 UNESCO Framework for Cultural Statistics (FCS)".

On the one hand, the enterprise-related data is derived from the Census of Local Units of Employment, which is carried out in the course of the Register-based Labour Market Statistics. On the other hand, the data on gross value added is taken from the Structural Business Statistics and the data body of the national accounts. Data on "cultural goods" is taken from foreign trade statistics. The Labour Force Survey is a sample survey conducted as part of the Microcensus and provides data on the employment and income of employees.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Labour Force Survey. Compiled on 2 March 2023. Values with less than 6 000 persons are highly randomized.

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