Cinemas and films

Cinema visits (in thousand)

4 440.7
Sunk -69.4 % compared to 2019

Market share of Austrian films premiering in domestic cinemas

3,9 %
Gone up +1.4 percentage points compared to 2019


According to UNESCO, the term cinema refers to establishments with their own equipment, such as fixed-roof movie theaters, outdoor movie theaters, as well as drive-in theaters. Feature film is defined as a film with a running time of 60 minutes or longer intended for commercial exhibition in cinemas. Feature films include works of fiction, animation and documentaries.

The subject of the presentation is the structure of cinemas, the number of cinema admissions and the net revenues of cinemas as well as the films shown and the subsidies available for film production. The annually available data comes primarily from the Association of Cinemas, Cultural and Entertainment Enterprises of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Film Institute, or from the annual film industry report commissioned by the latter on a statutory basis.

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Structure of cinemas (number of halls, seating capacity, attendance) in 2020 by federal provinces (table)

S: Professional Association of Cinema, Culture and Amusement Enterprises. Compiled on 9th May 2022.

S: Comscore; Austrian Film Institute. Compiled on 9th May 2022.

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