Architectural heritage

Inventory of immovable objects under monument protection

38 799
Gone up +0.7 % compared to 2019

Objects legally listed as a historical monument in 2020

Sunk -31.1 % compared to 2019

Federal subsidies for monument protection (in thousand euros)

15 704.0
Sunk -2.9 % compared to 2019


According to the Federal Act on the Protection of Monuments, monuments are "... immovable and movable objects created by man (including remains and traces of formative human processing as well as artificially erected or formed ground formations) of historical, artistic or other cultural significance..." (§ 1 par. 1 DMSG in the version BGBI. I. No. 170/1999). The federal competence "protection of monuments" includes the protection from destruction, alteration and transfer abroad.

The data available for this purpose at annual frequency comes from the monument database of the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments (since 2020 from the new database HERIS) and from the cultural reports of the federal government. The data on facade restoration actions are provided by the Federal Monuments Office.

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Inventory of immovable objects under monument protection 2020 by federal provinces (table)

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