Statistics on convictions and reconvictions

25 626
+0,2 % compared to 2020
23 731
+0,1 % compared to 2020
Reconviction rate
31,2 %
Sunk -0,8 percentage points compared to 2020

Judicial crime statistics provide information about the final convictions handed down by Austrian courts in accordance with the Austrian Criminal Code and supplementary criminal laws. The statistics on convictions encompass three different data levels: convicted persons, convictions and (since the reporting year 2012) all offences included in the verdicts. Statistics on reconvictions are based on persons convicted (except for unconditional prison sentences) or released from prison during a given base year; the statistics show how many of these persons were convicted again during an observation period of four years.

Because they are derived from the criminal records file, Judicial crime statistics cannot provide information about judicial outcomes other than convictions, or any information about victims of crime. Statistics on crime victims are available from Police crime statistics (statistics on plice reports).

S: Statistics Austria, Judicial Crime Statistics 2021. Compiled on 08.06.2022. - Total: 42 457 offences.

S: Statistics Austria, Judicial Crime Statistics. Compiled on 08.06.2022. - Sanctions partially on probation were introduced in 1988.

S: Statistics Austria, Reconviction Statistics 2021. Compiled on 08.06.2022. - Legally effective reconvictions within four years after the base event in the year 2017. The base event is either the release from prison or institutional confinement, or the legally effective conviction to something other than unconditional prison or institutional confinement. - Age at the time of the offence: Juveniles: 14 to 17 years old; young adults: 18 to 20 years old; adults: 21 years and older.

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