Willingness to work, labour reserve

Labour reserve – men
39 000
Labour reserve – women
45 300

In addition to the unemployed according to the international definition, other groups can be identified that are potentially available to the labour market. For example, there are also persons aged 15 to 64 years who are neither employed nor unemployed (economically inactive persons) according to the definitions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), who are not looking for work but would in principle like to work (willingness to work). Those persons who could additionally start working within two weeks are referred to as the labour reserve.

Persons with willingness to work or in the labour reserve can be described according to gender, age, education, nationality, age of the youngest child and federal province. In addtition, a time series is available. The results come from the Microcensus Labour Force Survey (sample survey).

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Labour Force Survey (Microcensus) 2021. Compiled on 16 March 2022. - According to international concept (ILO). - Willingness to work: Economically inactive persons who are not looking for work, but in principle would like to work. - Labour reserve: Economically inactive persons who would like to work and could start working within two weeks.

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