Labour force projections

The number of people in the labor force

rises by 2050 to
4.58 million

The working-age population

shrinks by 2050 to
5.64 million


The labor force projection is based on an extrapolation of age- and gender-specific labor force participation rates by five-year age groups. Multiplied by the main variant of the current population forecast, this yields the projected labor force figures. The underlying labor force participation rates are based on the ILO concept (ILO: International Labor Organization) and thus include all persons who work at least one hour a week for pay or as self-employed persons or family workers, or who are unemployed. Military and civilian servants are also considered to be gainfully employed. At the Austrian level, the employment rates are derived from the annual averages of the labor force according to the labor force survey since 2004. The Agreed Employment Statistics (AEST) are used to estimate the labor force in institutional households. Disaggregation by province is based on regional differences in labor force participation rates according to the AEST.

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Overview of variants: Development of the labor force and the population aged 15 to 64 2020 to 2080

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