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Further labour market topics

Interacting with people from the same enterprise
39.6 %
of the employed (15 to 64)
Working on digital devices
38.3 %
of the employed (15 to 64)
Interacting with people from outside the enterprise
33.3 %
of the employed (15 to 64)

Under advanced labour market topics, special labour market analyses are presented, including above all results from modules of the Microcensus Labour Force Survey (LFS). These modules are additional survey programmes carried out within the framework of the LFS.

In 2022, the ad-hoc module on Job Skills was carried out in the framework of the Austrian Labour Force Survey. The ad-hoc module provides information on occupational groups and their job skills and methods of work, such as performing hard physical work or working on digital devices.

In 2022/2023, Statistics Austria conducted a project on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs together with the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) to develop a skilled labour demand screening for Austria. The final report of the project summarises the results of all work packages and describes the resulting recommendations. A second report summarises a study by the IHS on the demand for skilled workers in Austria.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Labour Force Survey (Microcensus) – Module 2022 "Job Skills", annual average over all weeks. Compiled on 21 November 2023. – Population in private households without compulsory military or civilian service. – *) Categeories "to avery large extent", "to a large extent", "to some extent", "to little extent", "to no extent".

Date Title PDF download
2023-11-22 file Communication and working with digital devices shape everyday work life in Austria
586.8 KB
2022-12-01 file A quarter of migrants with difficulties in finding a job
202.3 KB
2022-03-17 file Austrian labour market in 2021: gradual recovery in the course of the year
39.9 KB

Date Title result SDDS+ Special Data Dissemination Standards PR PR press release
2024-11-28 calendar-alt Pension and labour market participation 2023. Module of the Microcencus Labour Force Survey
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final PR

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Preview image for 'Job Skills – Module of the 2022 Microcensus Labour Force Survey' Job Skills – Module of the 2022 Microcensus Labour Force Survey

This publication presents the main results of the ad-hoc module "Job Skills" carried out in the…


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Module of the Austrian microcensus Labour Force Survey 2021

This publication contains the main…

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