Structural business statistics

Number of enterprises
2020 (legal units)
359 284
Equal -0.1 % y.o.y
Persons employed
2020 (headcounts)
3 026 187
Sunk -2.5 % y.o.y.
791.5 bn EUR
Sunk -5.1 % y.o.y.

The EU-wide harmonised concept of structural business statistics (SBS) provides important indicators concerning the structure, activities, employment, investment activities and performance of enterprises at national and regional levels in the breakdown by economic activities in accordance with ÖNACE 2008. Beyond the detailed description of national economic structures, important underlying data is also provided for calculating the gross domestic product in the context of the System of National and Regional Accounts, input-output tables and economic forecasts.

The relevant legal basis (until refernce year 2020) is provided by the SBS Recast Regulation at European level as well as the national Structural Business Statistics RegulationRegulation (EU) 2019/2152 on European business statistics and the new national Structural busines Statistics Regulation require conceptional modifications from reference year 2021 on. The preliminary results 2021 were already calculated according to the new requirements.



Q: STATISTICS AUSTRIA; Structural Business Statistics 2020. Enterprise as legal unit.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA. Structural Business Statistics 2020. Enterprise as legal unit.

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This publication documents the structure and performance of the Austrian economy (ÖNACE sections C -…




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