Production index

Production index B-F (calendar adjusted)

May 2022
Gone up +11.4 % to May 2021


Production index

The production index is an important short-term economic indicator which measures the fluctuations in production output in real terms on a monthly basis.

The EU-harmonized national production index for industries and construction is calculated at the level of sections and subsections B to F of ÖNACE 2008 as well as at the level of main industrial groupings (MIG). Currently the production index is based on reference year 2015, the next rebasing will be in 2021.

First preliminary results are published 40 days after the end of the reporting period, revised data 70 days after the end of the reporting period and final results in August of the year following the reporting year. EU-harmonized working-day adjusted and seasonally adjusted series and trend series are available according to the new ÖNACE 2008.

Further information on the index of production you will find in our meta documentation (german language).

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Production index (B-F) Base 2015 (graph)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA. Created on 08 July 2022.

Date PDF download
2022-07-08 file Production index was up by 11.4 % in May 2022
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2022-06-10 file Production index was up by 9.1% in April 2022
99.3 KB
2022-05-10 file Production index in March 2022 increased by 3.7%
36.5 KB
2022-04-08 file Production index in February 2022 increased by 12.2%
35.8 KB
2022-03-10 file Production index in January 2022 increased by 13.9%
36.5 KB
2022-02-10 file Production index in December 2021 increased by 3.9%
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2022-01-10 file Production index in November 2021 increased by 7.4%
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