Construction output price index

Construction price index total

1st quarter 2022
+8.7 % to 1st quarter 2021


The construction output price index provides information on the change in actual prices that the constructor has to pay for construction activities and serves as a deflator to determine the real change in construction output figures. Since the 1st quarter of 2021, the indices have been calculated and published taking the average for 2020=100 as the base.

For the calculations, the Laspeyres index formula (fixed basket of goods, fixed weighting) is used. The index number method is used to compute the group indices for construction of residential buildings and other structural engineering as well as road and bridge construction along with other civil engineering. These indices are then combined to give the partial indices for structural and civil engineering which provide the overall index for construction output prices.

The results are published 40 days after the end of the quarter under review.

Further information can be found in the meta documentation.

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Construction output price - Base 2020 (graph)


Date PDF download
2022-05-10 file Significant increase of construction output price in the first quarter of 2022
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2022-02-10 file Construction output prices increased significantly in 2021
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