Construction cost index

Construction cost index residential buildings

June 2022
Gone up +10.7 % to June 2021


The construction cost indices observe the development of costs that construction companies incur when performing construction activities as a result of changes to fundamental costs (materials and labour). Since 1 January 2021, all construction cost indices (residential, road, bridge and sanitary) have been calculated and published taking the average for 2020=100 as the base.

For all indices the Laspeyres index formula (fixed basket of goods, fixed weighting) is used for the calculations. Using the index number method, each individual price for a commodity (cost factor) is shown (at current price/base price) by means of an index number that can be compared with the corresponding base price). These index numbers give an unweighted average index number for each cost factor.

Initial preliminary results are published 15 days after the end of the month under review, and final figures are available after 75 days.

Further information can be found in the meta documentation.

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Construction Cost Index - Base 2020 (graph)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA. Created on 15 July 2022.

Date PDF download
2022-07-15 file Construction costs increased further in June 2022
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2022-06-15 file Construction costs increased further in May 2022
165.5 KB
2022-05-13 file Construction costs further increased in April 2022
35.7 KB
2022-04-15 file Substantial increases in all construction branches in March 2022
36.7 KB
2022-03-15 file Construction costs in February 2022 continue to be significantly above previous year's level
36.1 KB
2022-02-15 file Increasing costs in all construction branches in January 2022
36.4 KB
2022-01-14 file Construction costs in 2021 significantly above previous year
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