Outward FATS

Foreign affiliates abroad

by the end of 2019
6 013
Equal +0.1 % y.o.y.

Employment in affiliates abroad

annual average 2019
1 186 000
Sunk -0.9 % y.o.y.

Foreign affiliates in countries of EU-28

by the end of 2019
65.9 %
Gone up +0.3 %-points y.o.y.


"Outward foreign affiliates statistics (Outward FATS)" describes structure and activity of enterprises resident abroad which are under the control of an institutional unit resident in the reporting country, i.e. Austria. Control means a share in capital of more than 50 % (directly, or via intermediate enterprises). At present, four characteristics are collected and presented for the affiliate enterprises abroad: country of residence, activity (NACE), employment, and turnover. The annualy produced data thus here is presented by the units' activities (NACE) and country of residence.

Legal base is given by the national Auslandsunternehmenseinheitenstatistik-Verordnung (FATS regulation), based on European Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 up to reporting year 2020; and Regulation (EU) 2020/1197 from reporting year 2021 on.

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Foreign affiliates abroad of domestic enterprises 2019 by economic activities (table)

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