Inward FATS

Foreign affiliates in Austria

by the end of 2019
11 718
Sunk -1.6 % y.o.y.

Employment in Austrian foreign affiliates

annual average 2019
648 000
Gone up +1.0 % y.o.y.

Foreign affiliates controlled by EU countries

by the end of 2019
74.4 %
Equal y.o.y.


Inward FATS (or Foreign Affiliates Statistics) provides information on the number, structure and activity of Austrian enteprises controlled by units resident in another country. Here, control is defined by the ability to determine the general policy of an enterprise by choosing appropriate directors, if necessary. In most cases, this ability can be exercised by an investor holding a majority (more than 50%) of the voting power or of the shares, directly or indirectly. FATS statistics uses 'ultimate control', i.e. identification of the unit, proceeding up a foreign affiliate's chain of control, which is not controlled by another institutional unit.

The toal enterprise population is defined by the annual Structural Business Statistics. Legal base is the national Auslandsunternehmenseinheitenstatistik-Verordnung, currently based on the European FATS Regulation; from reporting year 2021 on based on Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1197 of 30 July 2020.


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Foreign-controlled enterprises in Austria 2019

Source: Statistics Austria; FATS statistics 2019.

Source: STATISTICS AUSTRIA; FATS statistics 2019.

Source: STATISTICS AUSTRIA; FATS statistics 2019.

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