Registrations and bankruptcies

4th quarter 2022 (preliminary)
1 208
Equal +0.2 % compared to 4th quarter 2021
Registrations of legal units
4th quarter 2022 (preliminary)
13 555
Sunk -8.0 % compared to 4th quarter 2021

Statistics Austria is obliged to continuously compile quarterly data on registrations of legal units and on bankruptcies from the first quarter of 2021 onwards. Legal base is EU regulation on European business statistics and on national level the Unternehmensdemografiestatistik-Verordnung. In Austria, the data is produced already from reference year 2019 on and published by aggregated economic activities (ÖNACE 2008) 40 days after the end of the respective reporting quarter.

A registration is the recording of a legal unit in the business register for administrative purposes (URV) under certain premises. In addition to the URV, the statistical business register (URS) represents a central database for the data on registrations. The data on bankruptcies are based on the judicial bankruptcy proceedings; the main source is the Judicial edict file of the Federal Ministry of Justice. 

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Statistics on bankruptcies. Compiled on 8 February 2023. – Preliminary data 4th quarter 2022.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Statistics on registrations. Compiled on 8 February 2023. – Preliminary data 4th quarter 2022.

Date PDF download
2023-02-09 file Bankruptcies in 2022 back at pre-Corona level
132.5 KB
2022-11-08 file Bankruptcies in Q3 2022 again at pre-crisis level
133.4 KB
2022-08-09 file Bankruptcies in Q2 2022 at pre-Corona level
133.7 KB
2022-05-10 file Bankruptcies sharply increased again in the first quarter of 2022; registrations decreased
38.4 KB
2022-02-09 file Bankruptcies in the fourth quarter of 2021 above pre-crisis level; continued slowdown in registrations
39.1 KB

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