Employer business demography

Employer enterprise births
2020 (preliminary)
16 100
Employer enterprise birth rate
2020 (preliminary)
7.0 %
Sunk -0.6 %-points compared to 2019
Employer enterprise death rate
2020 (preliminary)
6.6 %
Sunk -2.0 %-points compared to 2019

Statistics on employer business demography focus on data on employer enterprise births, on their survival, on employer enterprise deaths and on the population of employer enterprises. The objective of these statistics is to concentrate on employment effects of enterprise births, identifying not only those enterprises which already had at least one employee at the time of creation, but also enterprises that became employers at a later stage.

The legal basis is the regulation on European business statistics (EBS) at European level and the business demography statistics regulation (Unternehmensdemografiestatistik-Verordnung) at national level. In addition to the business registers of Statistics Austria (Business Register for Administrative Purposes and Statistical Business Register), the main data sources include tax data, employer and employee data from the Federation of Social Insurances, and data from the Chamber of Commerce and the Commercial Register.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Employer business demography statistics. Preliminary data.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Employer business demography statistics. Preliminary data.

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